Fundamentalist Liberals

I just left a customer in Concord, North Carolina. On the way out, I heard that the security guard was listening to Rush Limbaugh. He was ranting about how the BBC News Service is probably the most liberal news organization in the world (other than, he said, the Iranian news agency, IRNA). Hehe. Whut?
Okay, first off, are the Conservatives now trying to link Liberals with the rabid fundamentalist conservatives who are in control in Iran? Are the people who listen to Right-Wing talk radio that fucking stupid? Can a pinhead like Rush Limbaugh really convince the weak-minded that fundamentalist Muslim = Liberal Democrat? Do I really need to point out that the word “fundamentalist” is a direct contradiction to the word “liberal”? I’ve linked those words to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Go look for yourself.
Secondly, how do you impune the reputation of the BBC? It has probably the most widely respected news organizations in the world. The BBB has bureaus in every major country in the world, and a lot of the lesser ones. Who does Fox News and Right-Wing talk radio cater to? I don’t recall ever hearing a Fox News anchor say “And now to our Jakarta bureau”.
Actually, I don’t imagine most Fox News could find Jakarta on a map.

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