Wicasta Instruments

These are my darlings, my weapons of war, and my favorite noise makers. Be nice to my baybees. They’ve already suffered, putting up with me all these years.

Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Category Tab - Fender Stratocaster Category Tab - Ibanez Destroyer Category Tab - Ovation Ultra Acoustic Category Tab - Ovation Balladeer 12-String AcousticCategory Tab - Silvertone Lap SteelRogue Mandolin


Electric Bass

Category Tab - Alembic SpoilerCategory Tab - Carlo Robelli 12-String BassCategory Tab - Carlo Robelli Fretless BassCategory Tab - Aria Pro II TSB-350Category Tab - Aria Cat Bass


Synthesizers / Samplers

Category Tab - G-PlayerCategory Tab - Korg M1 Legacy SoftwareCategory Tab - Korg Wavestation Legacy SoftwareCategory Tab - e-Mu Proteus VXCategory Tab - Alesis D4 Drum Module


Percussion / Other

Category Tab - N.U.T. Stomp Box

MIDI Controllers

Dauz Drum PadsM-Audio Axiom 61
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