Getting Worked Over By CCB

P. Yale from CCB called about the loan today. It looks like we’re going to have to pay those judgments that are on Mama’s credit. This will come from the loan itself. That means that in the end we’ll probably have about $7,000 left over (out of the extra $25,000 that we requested for improvements to the house). But that’s probably enough to get started in the kitchen.
At least there’ll be nothing else hanging over the house or over us personally. Mama’s judgments will be paid off. Mara’s mother will have her money for the van that we just traded in on our new van. My credit will be clean. But best of all, we’ll be able to pay off Loretta’s original loan and get credit for it. I wasn’t looking forward to having to pay off a $30,000 loan without receiving any form of credit for it. From here things will have to get much better.
Shit. I just remembered the taxes that there are left over on the house. Okay. So when we get through, we’ll have $4,000 left over. Hehe. Geez. Oh, well. It could be worse, yes?

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