Good Samaritan Or Drug User?

I was just involved in an accident in Atlanta.
Okay, here’s what happened. A pickup truck hit a car that was stalled in the middle of the I-285 loop around Atlanta. I saw the whole thing happen and headed for the should, trying to get away from it. The impact knocked the car across two lanes, where I met up with it on the shoulder. I barely bumped it, though. By that time I’d slowed down quite a bit and the car didn’t have much momentum left. There are some paint marks on my bumper, but otherwise no damage to the truck.
The car and the pickup truck were both royally fucked up. That was a major hit. I was amazed that no one was seriously injured. When I got my truck to a stop, I immediately called 911 to report the accident, and then I walked back to make sure everyone was alright. As I approached the car, in the back of my mind I was afraid of what I’d find. The guy in the car was dazed, but he was in one piece. He was aware. The guy in the pickup truck was okay. He had a few abrasions on his forehead from the air-bag, but he was walking around.
I got out my reflective triangles and put them behind the car. The man in the car didn’t get out of the car, so I figured he might be in danger of getting hit again (he was still in the road). I stood behind his car with my flashlight and waved off traffic until the cops started arriving.
Afterwards, I reported all this to Epes. They immediately pissed me off. I have to talk to the Safety Dept in the morning and may have to take a drug test. I’m like “you’re kidding me ….. Someone hits me and I have to take a drug test?” Christ I hate this job.
Well, I was mad. I stuck around, made sure both people were alright, called 911, put out my emergency reflective triangles and stood behind the disable car with my flashlight warding off oncoming traffic until the police arrived. The cops were surprised I stuck around. There really wasn’t anything wrong with my truck. I could have just left. Before the lead officer cut me loose he shook my hand and thanked me for my help.
When I reported the accident to Epes, they’re like “Who did you hit? Did anyone go to the hospital?” Wow. I went from being a good Samaritan to being a possible drug user in about thirty minutes. I had to catch my breath from that fall, ya know?
Epes never once asked me “Are you okay?”

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