Got The Loan

Well, CCB called mama today. We got the loan. Mama didn’t say, but I can only assume that it’s for the full $55,000. While I’ve only received one e-mail from Mama about it and only know a little, there’s one thing about it that troubles me already; for the first year the loan will be in Mama’s name. After a year they are supposed to switch it over into mine and Mara’s names at a lower interest rate. My question is this; will that be guaranteed in writing? Or do we have to trust to yet another big corporation’s benevolent graces?
I’m also a little concerned that, since it will be in Mama’s name; that she will try to muscle us around on things that we disagree on. Not that I expect her to; at least consciously. But there is always a thread of resentment in Mama. Mara and I both have wondered if she would rather that we were not living there. She can certainly be volatile at times, and seems to be against putting any of the bills in our name or putting our names on the deed. I dunno.

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