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Trying to talk myself into going back into the studio and having at it. I’d worked all morning trying to develop and lay down a lead break for So Long John. I finally got, finally recorded it, and then came into the den to cool out and rest my back (which was hurting – yes, I know I’m old, so shaddup). Shortly after sitting down, the power blinked. That cut off all the computers in the house. Meaning, basically, that the lead break I’d just recorded was gone. Doh! The one time I didn’t save the file!
Well, I broke protocol. That’s what I get. You never break protocol. That’s the deal. If I get up and leave the room, I save what I’m working on. That’s the protocol. I didn’t do it this once, and the Universe noticed. It was one of those moments that readers of Douglas Adams are familiar with, when the Universe takes notice of you and says “Oh, there you are!”.
The only thing to do is to re-record the damned thing. Unfortunately, my fingers are really pissed off at me for what I’ve put them through today. Pull your fingers repeatedly across steel strings for a couple of hours and let me know how ya feel afterward. I’m not entirely sure I can physically play that lead break again. But if I don’t get it down today, it may be a few days before I’m able to do it again. Yes, my fingers hurt that bad.
I guess this is better than having your scrotum nailed to the skull of an angry wolverine, though. I’ll suffer through it somehow.

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