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Heading Back to Saint Petersburg

I haven’t started getting ready to go yet. Mama’s putting on her make-up, about to go out to the hospital to stay with Sherry for awhile. Sherry’s going to have a CAT scan today. They’re trying to figure out why she’s losing blood and why they can’t get her vital signs stabilized. Natrually, Mama wants to be there.
I’ve been wrestling with my feelings toward Sherry’s sons and grandchildren. None of them came to see her yesterday, except for her younger son (who stopped in just long enough to beg some pain pills off of her and left). Her oldest son and his wife were away for the weekend because their youngest son was graduating from college. But they didn’t call. What? They don’t have phones in Lynchburg, Virginia? Well, at least they got her something. Apparently they picked her up a little flower while shopping for groceries at Food Lion. Geez …
Well, I’m not going to get off on that. Anymore than I already have, anyway. It just weighs on me.
I’m hoping to get out of here soon. I’d planned to be on the road by 10:00. As I mentioned, I’m waiting for Mama to get ready. From the looks of things, that might take awhile. No biggie. I make pretty good time once I get rolling. Hopefully there won’t be trouble on the roads today. I’ve been trying to figure out how to avoid that stretch of I-75 south of Ocala that always seems to be a mess. No way to get around I-275 in Tampa, though (which is usually a mess, too). No worries. It’ll all work out.
I’m going to miss Mama. I realized that what I wrote before sounded like grumbling, that I haven’t seen much of her. But I think that’s a credit to our relationship, that even though I haven’t been up here in awhile, there’s a level of comfort to our relationship that means a lot to me. I realize that Mama has a lot on her right now. If nothing else, coming up here and seeing how little Sherry’s family apparently cares for her has given me a lot of peace about Mama not coming back to Saint Petersburg with me (she was supposed to come back and stay with us for a few weeks). However much I might grumble about Sherry having two sons and six grandchildren, she really has no one right now but Mama. I just hope Mama doesn’t run herself into the ground trying to be everyone’s angel. She’s 75, for Christ’s sake.
I’m looking forward to going home. I’ve felt lost the whole time I was up here. I kinda miss Victoria, for some odd reason. And there’s been nothing to do up here. Mama’s more or less been at the hospital or on the phone. Victoria kept a little distance so she wouldn’t take me away from Mama, so there was no World of Warcraft. So I’ve sat here and watched more television than is probably healthy. I could feel the brain cells dying.
Oh, well. I should get off of here. I’m just wasting time by jabbering. Hopefully I’ll be back on the road soon and heading home to my baby.

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