Heading Out

I’m about to head back out. Hid out at Mama’s apartment over the weekend. I’d intended to work the weekend, but the company said they had no freight. Oh. Ok. Thanks, guys. Lemme see. That means I’ll draw about $150 next week. Oh, well. One step forward and one step back. But at least it’s only one step back. Hehe
I say I’ve been hiding out at Mama’s because there’s an old lady here who thinks I live here (which is against apartment regulations; government subsidized and all). Mama stayed with my aunt Sue over the weekend, because Sue has had an operation and doesn’t want to be alone. Since I came home with about $22 in my checking account, a hotel room was not an option. So I’ve been quietly hiding out here. I’m kind of looking forward to getting the hell out of here.
I’m dragging my feet a bit. I’m going to work next weekend, to try to shore up the foundations of the empire. So I won’t be back in this area until November 4th. Notice I didn’t say “home.” That’s an abstract concept at this point. One which I can’t afford to dwell upon.
I talked to Mara last night. In Everquest II, oddly enough. On rare occasions I patch the game (even though my computer won’t run the software anymore), and I did so last night. I went in-game just to kind of say “hi” to my characters. Mara was online, and came over to say hello. We talked for a bit. It was nice. However much I might grapple with certain things of recent memory (nicely navigated there, Wic), I don’t want to be her enemy. Not only was she my wife for eight years, she was my best friend. The dissolution of the former may have damaged the latter, sure. But I mean, I may never forget, but I can forgive. Besides, I kinda like her. I wouldn’t have married her if I didn’t.
On a related subject, I’m aware that some folks will think the new song I’ve added to my MySpace page is a dig at Mara. It’s not. I just thought the song was twisted. And it’s got John Paul Jones on bass. Who wouldn’t like that?
Well, I should git. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks, and the sooner I get started the better. I’ve written a lot of stuff in my notebook. I’ll have to decide whether I’m going to post any of it here. Quite frankly, I’m losing interest in MySpace, blogging in general, and gaming. Somehow or another I’ve kind of taken to the idea of shutting myself off from the world. Not to hide from it, but to regroup and start working on my plan for global domination. It’s not hard to recognize that the time I’ve spent sputtering away on blogs or levelling characters in some online game could be better spent trying to build a better bomb.
If any FBI or ATF agents should happen by this page, I should point out that the last sentence was rhetorical. I know President Bush has thrown out Habeas Corpus and all Americans are now potential “enemy combatants” (at least if you disagree with the President), but come on, guys. Smoke a blunt, masturbate and relax. If I really wanted to terrorize this country, I’d run for a seat in Congress.

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