Heaving Bosoms

It wasn’t hot enough to be stifling. Just hot enough for heaving bosoms to be glistening with sweat. Okay, that last bit was a visual just for me. You’ll have to make your own.
I’m sitting in Braintree, Massachusetts, waiting to be loaded. And waiting … and waiting. Basically, I got here at 10:00. They had me loaded by 12:00. I pulled up, had gone back and signed my paperwork, and was just about to shut the trailer doors when the dock hand got a funny look on his face. He kept looking at the paperwork and then looking at the boxes in the back of the trailer. Awwwww … hell!
Well, I had to back into the dock. The had to unload me. The re-load me. So I’ve been sitting here. And it’s just too hot to lay down in the bunk. So all I’ve been doing is sitting here watching the yuppie office women walk around a high pace getting their break-time exercise … hence the heaving bosoms.
Life isn’t all bad.

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