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Helping the Nether Drakes

2001 FloodVictoria and I played World of Warcraft for a bit tonight. Now that both of our main characters are level 70 (the top level in WoW), we decided to start a quest series that might eventually see us getting flying mounts called Nether Drakes (which are sort of like dragons). This will also allow us to start running some daily quests which are supposed to make us some good coin. Now that we’re 70, we don’t get experience anymore, so the quests we do pay extra gold (which we’ll need for the ubah armor and weapons).
We had a blast doing these quests. Basically, we were helping out the Nether Drakes. It’s very cool to be helping out dragons. Plus, the novelty of having our flying mounts hasn’t worn off yet, so we can just have fun flying around.
We did some battlegrounds over the weekend. If you win on a battleground you have a chance of winning a Chinese dragon looking pet (which Victoria wants really bad). So I imagine the next time we marathon World of Warcraft we’re going to see a lot of battleground action.

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