Hunkered Down

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I’ve come here to have my trailer door put back on. The delay has already cost me a 1,000 mile run to Orlando, Florida. But on the upside, I found the stylus to the PDA. It had fallen outside of the truck and was resting along the door seal. How it didn’t fall to the ground is beyond me (but I’m grateful fot it).
Reading some graffiti on the bathroom wall. It says “faggots, niggers and brainwashed crackers – the Democratic party.” What do you really need to add to that? What does that say about who makes up the Republican party?
Oh, well. I’m going to go forage for food. Since my day is already shot, when I’m finished here I’m going to cross the street to the other truckstop and take a shower (this place is nasty). I suppose then I’ll check back in with the company. Who knows? They might put me back on that Florida load.

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