I Did Whut?

Just south of Winston-Salem. I’m headed down to deliver at the tobacco giant in Concord.
I did something rash last night. I accepted a pre-plan to Massachusetts that has to deliver by 02:00 Monday morning (hell, I requested it). This means at the very latest I’ll be leaving early Sunday morning.
See? I don’t mind working on a weekend. I just don’t like having it sprung on me on a Friday afternoon when I’m expecting to go home.
I’ve been thinking about working the weekends some anyway. An extra $300-600 in a month would come in handy. And the sooner I can round up my recording equipment, the sooner I can get out of the truck for good.
Yeah, I hate that I gave up my weekend. I mean, I’m giving up playing World of Warcraft and blowing my diet. Where’s the fun in that? But like I’ve always said, however much I might gripe today, I won’t be complaining come payday. Besides, Massachusetts is a good break in the routine.

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