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If I Build It… Okay, How’s That Go Again?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to better use this web site. The main page here hasn’t turned out to be as dynamic as I’d hoped. Sure, there are a lot of links, and you can sift through a lot of information quickly, but for a lot of people it all sort of runs in together. Maybe I’m just too matter-of-fact in my approach to this web site. There aren’t enough bells and whistles, and doo-dads that go “ping!”, to hold the attention of the average American. I need to sexy up the site a little bit, I think. I could always post an archive of hot, young Hollywood actresses or something. Just to give the dweebs a reason to nibble around here. Or… I could just improve the way I present information.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the web site. It’s just a little too dry. There’s too much information here, and I live in a culture in which the Twilight series is considered serious literature. So even those adventurous souls who venture forth here find themselves a bit lost and overwhelmed. People prefer an “Easy” button. So… if I’m going to get certain projects off of the ground, I need to find a way to give them that. Simply the process, as it were.

It’s occurred to me lately that I post a lot of information on different parts of the web site that don’t really get reflected here on the main page. Sure, the RSS feeds in the sidebar are updated no the fly, but who really sifts through all that? What I need to do is plaster some images in the sidebar of the products I’m selling, or projects I’m working on. I also need to start posting summations of pertinent updates on the main page, so that people will have quick an easy links to what’s going on with The Watch, PaganCentric and my ailing Blog.

The primary problem with this web site (or at least the main page) is that it was designed as a front-end for a series of products (posters, books and CDs) that have yet to materialize. My assumption from the beginning when I redesigned the site was that the people who visited here would be those who came because of my work. So, they might be more inclined to wade through the dozens of links, to sift out the information they’re looking for. But now it seems that I’ve neglected the casual visitors, and that’s not something that works in my favor. So… until you can pick up my novels from the local bookstore at the mall or find my CDs in Wal-Mart, I should probably do something here to scare up a little more interest, if possible.

Give the people what they want. Even if they don’t know that they want it. Failing that, this web site presents a great way to keep myself amused. That’ll always be a better choice than becoming a serial killer.

Anyway, let this serve as official notice that we’re going to be doing some things differently around here.

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