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Artwork, photography, memories and generally just bits and pieces of this and that. You don’t have to like ’em or even look at ’em. This is just the things I want to remember when I’m old and senile. Which won’t be long now…

Artwork - As soon as he could hold a pencil, he was drawing. That's what Mama always said about me. I'm still at it, with varying degrees of success.

Photography - I'm not a professional photographer, but I love to take photos. It's been said that I have An Eye. Photos speak for themselves. You decide.

Bands - Photos from my many different bands down through the years. Here be the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautimous.

Self-Portraits - An incomplete collection, but one that seems to make sense once one has accepted that aging in inevitable and that we do change.

Trucking - A collection of random images from my truck driving days.

Category - Indie Frontline

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