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It’s Witch Hunt Season: An Excellent Article by Paul Krugman

By Paul Krugman
New York Times

The last time a Democrat sat in the White House, he faced a nonstop witch hunt by his political opponents. Prominent figures on the right accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of everything from drug smuggling to murder. And once Republicans took control of Congress, they subjected the Clinton administration to unrelenting harassment — at one point taking 140 hours of sworn testimony over accusations that the White House had misused its Christmas card list.

Now it’s happening again — except that this time it’s even worse. Let’s turn the floor over to Rush Limbaugh: “Imam Hussein Obama,” he recently declared, is “probably the best anti-American president we’ve ever had.”

To get a sense of how much it matters when people like Mr. Limbaugh talk like this, bear in mind that he’s an utterly mainstream figure within the Republican Party; bear in mind, too, that unless something changes the political dynamics, Republicans will soon control at least one house of Congress. This is going to be very, very ugly.

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13 years ago

As they used to say on the playground in elementary school (which by the way, is about the mentality level of some of these right-wing thugs), it takes one to know one.

Rush is the king of anti-American. I daresay he’s the most anti-American citizen I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something when your competition is people like Malkin, Beck and Coulter.

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