I've Missed Being Able to Fly

I dreamt I was an angel of some sort last night. Not the ethereal Christian idea of an angel. I was flesh and blood. And I didn’t have wings. But I could fly. The way I’ve always flown in my dreams. Where you want to fly and you just do, with no effort. Although there seemed to be a limitation to how high I could go (just above the tree tops).
I was visiting/staying with a couple who knew what I was and addressed me with the familiarity of friends. Although I seemed to be in better with chico than chica (I think I was wearing out my welcome with chica).
I had other dreams. I slept a lot. From around 4pm yesterday to about 6am this morning. Lots of dreams. In one I was looking for my old cat, Hannibal. I was accosted by a landlord in a trailer park who said I owed him damages, while I insisted he was full of it, even though I had no recollection of ever having been inside the trailer. This is usually the case in my dreams, in which if I’m someone else, it’s like I’m still myself, but wearing someone else’s skin, unaware of all the details of their personal history. I’m always sort of detached from my dreams, like an observer.
Anyway, I haven’t flown in awhile. I wondered if that had something to do with with being informed yesterday that the keyboard, guitar stand and Windows XP software that I ordered came in yesterday. That was great news for me. Although the fucks at Sam Ash wouldn’t ship me a copy of GigaStudio, I have plenty to keep me occupied. Which I’m sure I’ll be blathering about this weekend.
It would be safe to say that I’m feeling more positive than usual right now.

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