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Jerry Doyle: Too Conservative or Just Too Bad-Ass for Hollywood?

Quote:A large part of the people in Hollywood are sheep – and I don’t say that unkindly, I say that politically – if Spielberg and Streisand and Geffen and the others were Republicans tomorrow, you would see a shortage of paper to try and change registrations.

Garibaldi! We hardly knew ye! Former Babylon 5 star Jerry Doyle (he was Michael Garibaldi) has apparently cashed in his acting chips in favor of a Right-Wing radio show. While his audience is loyal, he’s taking a third string position in the tiers of Right-Wing commentators, far behind the top tier personalities like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, and even trailing behind lesser Righties like Ann Coulter and Larry Elder. But we imagine if he ups his game a bit, he could be a major player some day.

Required Reading
Wikipedia: Jerry Doyle bio

The Jerry Doyle Show

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