Job Hunting & Mystery Meat

Having a mystery meat burger that I picked up at a gas station off of Central Avenue. About to head over to Staffworks to see what I can scare up there.
I just came from Yellow Cab. I looked up their pay package for the first time before I left today, and it pretty much changed my mind about driving a cab. But I came down here anyway. I’d decided against stopping and was going to do a fly-by, but the guy I talked to last time was standing out front smoking a cigarette, and he recognized me. I felt like I had to stop then.
Wound up standing out there shooting the shit with him for almost an hour. Not sure what that says about his job. But it’s not my place to ask. I told him about my concerns about the money and the way drivers get paid (a meager base salary plus tips – kind of like a waitress). As much as I like the idea of driving a cab (anything but a 9 to 5 job in a building somewhere), I don’t like the idea of part of my pay being contingent upon getting tips from customers. My years at the family restaurant taight me what cheap fucks most people are. Sure, some people tip well, but most people don’t (if they tip at all). So I guess it’s warehouse work for me.
Well, I finished the cheeseburger as I was writing. Now it’s off to annoy Staffworks. They keep telling me to check back in, but seem genuinely surprised when I do. Not sure why. And they never call me. I keep thinking about what the guy at Aaron’s told me; “I think we’re looking for someone a little younger for this position.” Is that why I haven’t gotten an warehouse nibbles? They think I’m too old?
As much as I hate to admit it, they might have a point, what with my neck, and my shoulder, and lately my hip. But I’m a tough old bird. Just give me a chance, dammit. You young bastards and bitches with your effervescent energy and your tight skin. Kiss my ass!
Okay, so I’m putting this off. Time to scoot over there.

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