Job Related Issues

I swore when I started putting this up on the ‘Net that I wouldn’t complain too much about job-related issues. But at the moment I am really irritated with the other team on this run. As fucked up as last week was, we still rounded up empty trailers from the Chicago dropyard when there were none to be found in Waukegan. The way it works here in Bedford Park is that we bring down an empty trailer and exchange it for a preloaded trailer, and then we head back to North Cove, NC. Without those empty trailers, the customer has nothing to load.
The other team apparently has no problem with this. Even though we brought down empties from Chicago last week when none were found in Waukegan, we’ve been live-loaded twice this week because of the other team didn’t go find empties to bring down.
This should be a minor thing that isn’t worth mentioning. But the other team has already proven themselves whiny prima donnas. Quite frankly, I’m tired of picking up their slack. The time it takes us to be loaded means we’ll be that much later getting home tomorrow. We already get less time-off than the other team every week because we have to go to Chicago Heights every week and they do not. And now they’re costing us more time? I take that very, very personally.

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