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I had a pretty good job interview this morning. I didn’t get the job yet. They guy said he had two more people to talk to, but he said “I like what I see” (talking about my resume, not my sexy, sexy denim work shirt). He also said that it’s “a big plus” that I live within 10 miles of the plant. My fingers are crossed. It’d be a great job. Basically, I’d be driving a tractor-trailer, but in the context of making deliveries within Florida, and I’d be home every day. Not bad pay, either. $14-15 an hour “depending on experience”. I like the sound of the job, and hope I made a good impression. Hopefully I didn’t forget to dot an “i” or cross a “t” somewhere.
At the moment I’m mostly waiting for Victoria to get off work. We’ll be going downtown to pick up our copies of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. I already told Victoria that I think it’s a little sad that the recent event that got us most excited is the release of an expansion to a video game. But ya’ll can kiss my hairy white butt. While ya’ll are laid up on the couch watching Deal Or No Deal or Dancing With The Stars, I’m riding across the tundra on my flaming horse, smiting evil-doers and helping to push back against the invading hordes. And to all those who might say “but that ain’t real”, do you really thinking what you’re watching on television is any more real?
I say my entertainment is cooler than yours.
Check out the video below. If it’s too small, click on the next to last button on the bottom right of the player to make the video full screen.

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