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July 7, 2019 – Tom Morris

Tom Morris – July 7, 2019

Tom Morris

On March 7th, 2019, I sat down with Tom Morris, producer, engineer, and co-owner of the legendary Morrisound Recording studio which Tom runs with his brother, Jim, in Tampa, Florida. Tom is also an adjunct professor at Saint Petersburg College in its heralded MIRA program. Tom sat down with me in the SPC Radio studio on the Gibbs campus for a wide-ranging interview. 

We picked the perfect day for it! In the background you’ll hear noise from the communal karaoke that was happening that day in the SS building right outside of the SPC Radio live mic room.

Please Note: I am not affiliated with St. Petersburg College or it’s MIRA program in any way. Any mention of St. Petersburg College, its facilities, or students and staff associated with the college, should NOT be viewed as an endorsement by, or sanction of, St. Petersburg College.

Many of the interviews included in Season Two of this podcast were produced during my last season as a student in the SPC MIRA program during the Spring 2019 semester. Any perceived relationship between me and St. Petersburg College are purely incidental to my activities while a student there.

More Information

SPC Radio Studio
The SPC Radio live room @ St. Petersburg College / Gibbs

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Gary Ramsey
4 years ago

very cool Bub…very cool

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