Just Send Me Home

Zebulon, North Carolina. I just dropped the load I brought up from South Bay, Florida. I tried to get the company to give me one of the loads out of Statesville that delivers on Monday morning. In other words, just let me go home. Thanks to my dispatcher’s idiocy on Tuesday, this week is shot. Let’s just put it behind us and start over, shall we?
So far they haven’t said anything in that regard. Which means they’re probably looking for something else. That’s the way it usually works out. If they make me sit earlier in the week, toward the end of the week they try to squeeze a few more dollars out of me to make up for it. If I have to work over into the weekend, so be it.
I had sort of accepted that possibility already, and was fine with it. But now that I’m in North Carolina, I guess my lazy gene has kicked in.
Well, they just sent me a load that picks up in Wilson, NC, which I’ll drop in Greensboro. The shipper is usually drop & hook, so I’ll drop the load in Greensboro and then go in and try to talk them into sending me toward Kings Mountain. That works for me. I’d rather deal with the night crew. I don’t have enemies on the night crew. They usually treat me well.

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