Kentucky Thunderstorm

Thirty miles east of Louisville, Kentucky on I-64. Driving through a spirited Thunderstorm (free truck wash!) that has a little hail mixed in. The winds are a little worrisome because I’m so light. But it’s all good. I’m just coming off a four hour nap, so this is helping to wake me up.
I’m not that far out from delivery. From Louisville it’s about an hour north to North Vernon, Indiana. I’d hoped to be up there by 03:00, but 07:00 is respectable. The load can deliver any time today. I was hoping to get it up there as early as possible to minimize the chances of The Company doing something stupid (like giving me a load that doesn’t pick up until tomorrow for my next load). I hope to be heading in the general direction of North Carolina by this afternoon.
I’m overdue for a shower, and I’m miserable. After delivery I’m going to have to take a whore bath with Wet Ones just to tide me over until I can get a shower today.
All in all, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling rather positive about it. I just hope that The Company does nothing to fuck it up.

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