Kind of Excited

Headed north on I-83 to pick up my next load in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. It delivers in Greensboro this evening. I assume my next load will get me to Kings Mountain. I definitely won’t be volunteering to go to Massachusetts again any time soon.
I’m kind of excited about the weekend. The laptop will be resurrected this weekend. That means lots of toys to play with. I’ll be installing my Amplitube 2 and Ampeg SVX software amplifiers (so I’ll be springing the guitars from exile). Haven’t had a chance to check out the new keyboard controller yet, so the Korg M1 and Wavestation software will go on there. Plus I should have a copy of GigaStudio waiting for me (and can now explore that 240 gigabytes of samples that I bought on that hard drive). And it’s possible the Alembic preamp will be in this weekend.
Needless to say, I have plenty to keep me busy. I’m going to be like a frog that doesn’t know which way to jump.
I’m still four or five months away from being able to record, but I think I’ve finally reached the tipping point. At least now I can start tinkering with some of my goodies, and getting a feel for these sounds that I’ll be recording relatively soon.
Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about this weekend. I still have to buy my vocal stuff (microphone, harmonizer, etc.), but “the sound” is in place and ready. Guitars, basses, keyboards, drums. It’s all there and ready. And I get to play with them this weekend.
I’ve needed this. For so long I’ve felt like a wisp of smoke drifting in limbo. I’ve known what I’ve been doing out here. I’ve known that I was working toward something. I’ve been resolute and determined. But it’s all been abstract. I didn’t have anything to show for my efforts but some artifacts in some boxes that I could hold up and gaze longingly at, or show to people and say “this is really going to be something”. Well, now I can just say “listen to this”.

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