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Laura Ingraham: The Right’s Favorite MILF – Who Needs Original Thought, Anyway?

Quote:My goal is not to be an objective analyst.

Quote:Dems have become a broken record in demonizing ‘Big Oil’ and ‘Big Pharmaceutical Companies,’ but they have no problem getting their pockets lined by Big Teachers Unions that blame America first.

A quote search for Laura Ingraham brought up no quotes whatsoever. I thought that odd, so I went to look for some of her articles, thinking I could find some quotes in some of her writing, such as articles and books. There are no quotes. The woman is not quotable. Her writing is so benign and simple-minded that as soon as you start reading you’re reminded of someone droning on about a subject that you moved on from decades ago.

Her radio show is just as sleep-inducing. I really can’t figure out why the Conservatives are so ga-ga about Laura Ingraham. Well, besides the fact that she’s attractive and has a fondness for tight t-shirts. In the final analysis the only thing I can figure out is that Ingraham has figured out how build a career out of being cute and blonde . As much as some people on the Right might want to pinch her cheeks (top or bottom), if you take an honest look at her, she just has nothing to say. Her expressed political ideology is straight out of the Republican playbook (along with her talking points). That gets old fast.

I suppose that’s why so many of her fans talk about how great it is that Ingraham talks about movies, religion, looking for a husband, etc., and doesn’t focus solely on politics. If she did focus solely on politics she would not have a career for very long. She certainly wouldn’t be able to maintain the cult-of-personality that’s grown up around her by being cute, benign and f**kable.

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