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Leah’s Suite

I look up at the mountain,
And long for the sea.
My heart’s in turmoil,
Over dreams that cannot be.
Alone in the twilight,
I dream of a time,
When this soul did not ache,
For things it never finds,
In kind.

I’m lost in the chaos;
Adrift in the rain.
I hope to find my way,
To sweet peace once again.
Alone in the searching.
Alone in the need.
My hands are reaching,
For things I’ll never see,
Or be…

I look down from the mountain,
In search of a life,
In search of passions,
That might free me from this strife.
Alone in the darkness,
I dream of a time,
When this soul will regain,
The peace that taunts it’s mind,
In kind.


Lyrics: Wicasta Lovelace
Music: Wicasta Lovelace

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