Leaving Buffalo

Just leaving Buffalo, New York. I spent the night (and most of yesterday) at Jim’s truck stop. Nice enough place. Had a prostitute knock on my door about 02:00 and try to negotiate a blowjob. I told her I wasn’t interested, and she bet me $100 she could get me off in under one minute. Hehe. For a split second there, I honestly thought to myself “I could sure use $100”. But no … I didn’t.
I pick up a load in Jamestown at 11:00. I’m leaving a bit early, but I don’t want to be anywhere near this place when morning traffic cuts loose.
It’s always a little strange for me when I’m in Buffalo. Every single time I come up here I can’t help but think about the fourteen hours Mara and I were stuck on the highway for 14 hours because of a sudden lake-effect snowstorm. So for better or worse, when I go up I-90 into Buffalo, I have flashbacks.
Well, I’m free of Buffalo and headed toward Jamestown. My load is a drop and hook at the consignee in South Boston, Virginia. Hopefully from there I’ll be looking at a weekend home load.

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