Leaving Charleston / Random Thoughts

Leaving Charleston. Heading south to pick up a load from the port in Garden City, Georgia. I’m not keen on going to a port, but the load goes to Minersville, Pennsylvania. That beats the hell out of New Jersey or Massachusetts. It also leaves me in a good position for getting back to Kings Mountain on Friday.
This load will also send me right by our terminal in Chester, Virgina. Thank the gods. I desperately need a shower.
I’m really looking forward to this weekend. My Alembic preamp came in. That’s going to be the cornerstone of my sound, and it’s something I’ve lusted after for years.
Also looking forward to straightening out my laptop. I installed some high dollar software on that damned thing and didn’t get any of it to work right. That won’t stand. Plus I’m itching to get GigaStudio installed. That program, along with the samples hard drive, is a treasure trove and I just want to run my fingers through the gold.
I’m looking forward to working on my World of Warcraft guild. Now that I’m guild master, I’ll have to find out if my arrogance was warranted. Am I the one who can save the guild? Can it be saved? And does it really matter? Well, if nothing else, the whole thing is enough of an abstract concept that it’ll be fun to me just to try. It’s a lab experiment in organizational structures, social engineering and viral marketing.
As lost as I felt this morning, I’m quite hopeful now. It’s a shower day, I’m on the last half of my week and the weekend looks to be interesting. Here’s to hope. Over, under or through. B’god!

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