Letting Go of the Pagan Tea House

PTH Party

This is the last post I made on the new defunct Pagan Tea House web site. The site went down quicker than I expected, so I don’t know how many people go to read it. When I decided that I wanted to post something about it on my own web site, I realized that this post pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say on the matter. Being the lazy heifer I am, I’ve copied it here.

Here’s an official notice that the Pagan Tea House web site will soon be no more. The domain has come up for renewal and I honestly can’t see the point any longer. It seems the PTH community is so fragmented and stubborn that we’ll never come together in any real way. Each PTH community seems to hold a rather virulent disregard for all the other PTH communities, and while we all may agree that Pagan Tea House was a great idea, most of us seem more interested in chipping off a piece of the memory and squirreling it away in our own little corner of the Internet than coming together with other people and forming a larger community.

The fracturing of the PTH page on Facebook is a perfect example. It started off well enough, but it wasn’t long before people started drifting off and forming their own private groups. Old rivalries quickly were re-ignited. And, generally speaking, one was reminded that perhaps some things should just be left to wither on the vine.

This is not to say that I don’t hold a high regard for all things PTH. I would love to maintain the web site as a beacon of light that might keep the flame alive. But honestly, we got around 50 visits a month. I’d put the web site together hoping I could get other folks in the PTH community to contribute, and that we could all come together and break the proverbial bread. That didn’t happen. Not that the special bond of the original Pagan Tea House could ever be recreated, nor should it. But I thought maybe enough of us had grown up enough that we could play nice. We’re not quite there yet.

Some of the features of the web site will probably be moved to a PTH directory on my personal web site. At least those few things that I want to keep alive. But really, it might be time to move on. Of nearly everyone who has ever been involved in a Pagan Tea House, I have had the hardest time letting go of that old dream. But the PaganCentric organization I created, quite by accident, has a much more lively discourse (and shows a lot more promise). Sometimes you just have to concentrate on the living and stop trying to honor the dead.

The PTH Facebook page is still there. If you’re feeling friendly, drop by and kick-start a conversation. It’s faint, but there’s a pulse there.

All good things must come to an end. Adieu, my old friends. Walk in light and peace.

~ Wicasta

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