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Lies And Misinformation: Separating the Truth from the Fantasy

MisinformationSo many people write me each week asking if one or another rumor is true, such as any number of the daily misinformation e-mails that they receive each day in their in-box, that I’ve decided to start posting the mist egregious here on The Watch. This doesn’t mean that this will become a reservoir for all bogus e-mails. But the Far Right is actively campaigning to discredit President Obama by any means necessary, including not just misinformation but outright lies. I feel that each of us need to do whatever we can to push back against the misinformation and propaganda of the Far Right.

It’s reached a point where it’s simply becoming ridiculous, and one would prefer to believe that the average American isn’t that stupid.  But these e-mails are effective simply because the average American doesn’t take the time to check out these lies on the Internet before forwarding them on to everyone they know. So the lies keep growing. As the Republicans learned a long, long time ago, if you repeat a lie long enough, Americans will start believing it.

Anyway, I’m creating a new category called “Misinformation”, where I will post these falsehoods. I promise that I will only post those lies that are directly relevant to the overall purpose of this web site.

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