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Looking Forward To Guavaween

Guavaween FlyerTime is counting down to Systematic Chaos’ 2009 Guavaween Extravaganza. I’m psyched, to say the least. It’s going to be a blast. Maybe we didn’t get as much out the owner of the venue as we wanted (he basically offered us $50 and some Guavaween tickets by way of pissing on us). But what do you do? We all want to play to a Guavaween crowd, and this is our chance to do it.

We’re looking forward to putting on a heck of a show. Del, the drummer, will be bringing his full Halloween drum kit, along with his infamous LED light show. John, the guitar player, has bought a laser for the event. I’ll be dressing up my bass cabinet as an altar of some sort. And we’ll all be dressing up in full costume. Between all this, Del’s fog machine, and various body parts strewn about the stage, this looks like it could be a whole lot of fun.

If you’d like to come out and have a good time with us, we’ll be playing on Halloween night during the thick of Guavaween.

Market On 7th
1816 East 7th Avenue
Ybor City (Tampa), FL 33605
October 31, 2009 – 9pm

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