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Lovelace Get-Together

My uncle Allen wants to have a Lovelace get together this spring or summer in the kings mountain battleground. I’ve been thinking about this today. I’m really excited about the prospect of meeting more of his family, and he says that his sister might come down from Virginia.
I suppose I’m so excited because I’ve spent my whole life knowing nothing at all about the Lovelaces and never expecting that I would. Now I have a whole living, breathing set of Lovelace relatives, and they didn’t tell me to piss off.
I mentioned the get-together to Justin in e-mail, but as is usual with him he never wrote me back. It’s really odd to have this bunch of Lovelaces whom I’ve never met apparently opening their arms to me when I never hear from my brother unless I get mad and write him and say “Hey! What’s the deal here?” after which he’ll write back and say “Nothing’s wrong between us. I’m your brother. I love you. Stop worrying.” and then I won’t hear from him again until six months later when I write him another “What’s the deal?” message. But we have cell phones again. I can’t get Justin to confirm or update his phone numbers, but if the numbers I have are still current, I’m going to start bugging the shit out of him. So, Justin Lovelace, you’re duly warned. Mara and i have discussed heading up to New York with mama during one of our weeks off, or maybe vacation time.
I wonder what Justin would make of that? More importantly, I wonder what Pilar (his mom) would make of it? Maybe it’s about time I revisit NYC.

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