Mama's Computer

Kings Mountain, NC.
Got home tonight about 22:00. Hugged and kissed, and immediately got to work setting up the new computer that we bought for Mama. We bought her a Dell with lots of memory and lots of storage space, and a Pentium IV chip. We’re hoping that having this good of a computer will give Mama a reason to learn to use the damned thing. Especially since we’re both certain that she’s just itching to do some t-shirts for Christmas. 😉 For the most part, though, I’m just hoping that it will give Mama something to do other than sit in front of that television and waste away. Mama needs some sort of purpose in her life, and if that computer can reignite her creativity, then it was worth any amount of money that we could have spent.
All in all, it was wonderful as hell to be home.

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