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Marissa Underfoot

Marissa SmallThe first image in my upcoming Faeries Underfoot collection has been finished. True to form, I over-reached with the first one and made an image that looks best at poster size, instead of the smaller prints I’d set out to create. But that’s all beside the point. She’s the first. A proud new parent is always thrilled at the first one, and overlooks its obvious flaws.

We’ll have to see how they go from here. I’m already working on a second one that I’m calling Angeline. I won’t go into details about her here, but will hope it will suffice to say that I plan to try to finish one a week until we a large enough series to go to market with them. We’ll still be selling individual prints as soon as they’re ready, but we won’t get too uppity until we have a full line. More on that later.

Honestly, as proud as I am of Marissa, I think the new Faeries will be much better. For one thing, I have a process down now. I’ve also learned a trick or two along the way.

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