Matt Drudge: He Was Sleazy Before Sleazy Was Cool!

Matt DrudgeQuote:I do most of my business on that dirty Internet that you were just talking about, where I find there is a lot of freedom to report exactly what I want.

Controversial Headline Gossip and dirt. Imagine a closeted gay man masquerading as a conservative pundit while still getting his kicks by dishing out all the best gossip. That’s Matt Drudge. Okay, so no one can prove he’s gay, but he did reportedly make a pass at Media Matters founder David Brock once upon a time. Whether or not he’s gay wouldn’t even enter into it were it not for the whole moral Conservative thing. And, well, the catty gossip.

Did we mention he’s a sleazebag? Okay. I tried to be nice. The truth of the matter is that Drudge would not have a career had he not been in the right place at the right time, and had not been the one that broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal that eventually lead to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. If not for one semen stained dress, no one would know who Matt Drudge is. Somehow that sums up Matt Drudge better than any vitriol I might spew in his general direction.

Wow. I feel so much better.

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Wikipedia: Matt Drudge bio

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7 years ago

Drudge and the other creeps who targeted Clinton over Lewinsky have all forged fabulous careers for themselves — like Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson,Breitbart, among others. Drudge conspired with insiders to take out a president and was rewarded with influence and following as a result. Drudge and the rest reflect the power of cronyism.

If it’s true Drudge made a pass at Brock, then that just reflects a desperate, status seeking nature, much like his hanger on conservtive friends, who hope to receive spoils in wealth and fame by going along and supporting whatever narrative their handlers have decided to unleash on the nation for political and monetary gain. Looks like Drudge tried to sleep his way to the top.

Drudge has since acknowledged his homosexuality but remains a closeted,but wealthy (by dint of aggregating the news created by others. Drudge produces nothing of value.), anti-social creep.

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