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Michael Allen Lovelace

I just found out this morning that my cousin, Mike Lovelace, died last Thursday. Needless to say, this was a bit of a shock. Mike was 53 years old and planned to retire in a few years. Man, it just goes to show that you never know. I know everyone says that, but it’s because it’s true.
I never got to know Mike as well as I would have liked. We met at the Lovelace reunions, and I liked him right away. He was one of those guys who looked you right in the eye when he talked to you, and you just knew that if he told you something, you could believe it.
Mike’s father is Allen Lovelace, my uncle (and my father’s half-brother). I don’t know any of Allen’s family as well as I would like. Now that I’m living in Florida, that’ll be harder than ever. But I know who they are, and they’re always in my prayers. Especially now.
I have a picture of Mike, Allen and myself floating around here somewhere. I’ll post it as soon as I get some of my Internet woes straightened out. Was kind of hoping I’d get paid this week so I could go get an Ethernet card and some cable, but so far that hasn’t panned out. But when I can figure out a way to post Mike’s picture that isn’t like pulling teeth and jumping through fiery hoops, I’ll do so.
I may not have known Mike very well, but his death has sure thrown me for a loop. It just goes to show that however much we might plan to get to know people in the future and however much time we think we have, we need to be appreciative of those who are a part of our lives while they’re still here, living and breathing. There’ve been too many times in my life when I found myself thinking “man, if only…”
We can all finish that sentence with our own regrets. If only I’d driven back home to see my father that last Christmas before he died. If only I had let my friend stay in my home that weekend he was found dead. If only I had told someone how much I cared about them. If only I’d made the effort to get to know my half-sister.
I guess I’ll have to add another one to my list. If only I’d been more determined about staying in touch with Mike, I might’ve gotten to know him a little better. My life would have been richer for it.

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