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Michael Savage: Redefining What It Means to be a Terrible Human Being

Quote:I’m beginning to think that women should be denied the vote. Their hormones rage; they are too emotional.

Quote:With the [Latino] population that has emerged, since they breed like rabbits, in many cases the whites will become a minority in their own nation …

Quote:… these big-mouthed, phony scum of the ACLU, who should be rounded up, arrested for sedition. Their property seized, and they should be put into Abu Ghraib prison as far as I’m concerned. That wouldn’t be enough of what I’d like to see done to the ACLU. They’re the worst vermin America has ever tolerated. The worst vermin in the history of America are the vermin in the ACLU.

Quote:Oh, you’re one of the sodomites! You should only get AIDS and die, you pig! How’s that? Why don’t you see if you can sue me, you pig?

Quote:To fight only the al-Qaida scum is to miss the terrorist network operating within our own borders … Who are these traitors? Every rotten radical left-winger in this country, that’s who.

Quote:Christianity has been one of the great salvations on planet Earth. It’s what’s necessary in the Middle East. I think these people need to be forcibly converted to Christianity.

This guy is a walking cartoon. Which is part of his appeal, I suppose. A lot of people approach Michael Savage as entertainment, just to see what he says next. One of his tag lines in the early days of his radio career was “To the right of Rush, and to the left of God.” Born Michael Alan Weiner, he has written numerous books under his real name, as well as three New York Times best-sellers under his pseudonym, Michael Savage. He has a Ph.D. in nutritional ethnomedicine from the University of California, Berkele.

Writing something about Michael Savage is one of those cases where I really don’t have to say anything in the way of opinion. His own words and actions sum up why he is such a piece of filth. There’s no need to add anything to that.

Savage claims that he coined the phrase “compassionate conservative” in 1994. On the January 19, 2006 broadcast of his radio show, he called for the internment of roughly 380,000 American citizens for the length of the war on terrorism, comparing the action to measures taken by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. Critics point out various controversial statements he has made, including calling for the licensing of journalists, and the arrest of liberal activists; proposing responding violently to protests . Savage has also advocated the reintroduction of the repealed Sedition Act, accusing mainstream media sources such as ABC, CBS and NBC of being “mouth pieces for the enemy.”

His supporters (I say “supporters” instead of “fans” because they really do seem to regard themselves as part some kind of a social movement) contend that Savage simply uses a satirical, over-the-top style, and that his venemous statements should be taken with a big grain of salt. I haven’t noticed anyone but them laughing.

Savage constantly reminds his listeners that President Bush and most neo-conservatives in government and elsewhere in talk radio are basically an outgrowth of the big-government, liberal Rockefeller-wing of the Republican Party, or “checked-pants, country club Republicans” as he calls them. Whereas, Savage presents himself as a voice for the Goldwater, traditional conservative movement, opposed to government largess and globalism.

Whatever he wants to call himself, he just seems like a venomous, loud-mouthed, Right-Wing nutjob of an asshole to me. If this is your kind of entertainment, you need help.

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14 years ago

Oh, not a fan of Mr. Savage either, huh? You’ll enjoy this…

I’ve determined that he is actually vying for his own comedy central show. Let’s give it to him! Maybe it would piss off enough people to actually get up and get involved with their world and politics, beyond just watching TV.

– me.

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