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Never Surrender!

Some of my old friends may have noticed that my web site was down for awhile. It is with no small amount of pride that I can finally say that it’s back online. I could have had the site back up and running sooner, but it would have meant compromising my standards about what I want out of a web server, and I was not prepared to do that. So… here we are again.

You’ll notice that a lot of the links on the right are missing. The feeds to the many other blogs I had. I’ve been reconsidering how best to use this web site, and I think my old approach of putting it all up there and letting people sort it out for themselves was more cumbersome than it needed to be. So I’m going to be consolidating some of the blogs and eliminating others. The Watch, for example, really has no reason for being anymore. There are a lot of people out there keeping a watchful eye on the wingnuts that The Watch was warning people about in the mid 1990’s. There are other sections that can be changed. I’ll also probably use the same theme on most of the blogs. It really made no practical sense for each blog to have its own theme.

Anyway, there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m still brushing up on Linux and will eventually get everything moved over to a much faster and more reliable server. But for the moment, I’m happy to just have this web site  back. I never knew how much of my sense of self was tied up in a few random electrons.

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