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New Band At Market On 7th

I jammed with a new band at Market On 7th last night. It was a great experience. The general idea was that we would get together and just jam, but our first time out in public turned out to be something of a general statement. The evening can probably be summed up by something the bartender, Jenny, said. “This band is better than the last one.”

That sounds like a parting shot at Systematic Chaos, but I certainly don’t mean it as such. I’ll always think fondly of my time with Del and John, and bemoan that we never got close to achieving our potential. But the fact is that with this new band, the first night we played together we were pulling people off of the sidewalk. Every person who found out it was our first time playing together was shocked. As were we, I think.

The night wasn’t without its problems. Several people thought the guitars were too loud. Some also complained that one of the guitar players’ tone was “too screechy” and a number of people were seen holding their ears. But these are things that can be addressed. Hopefully we can patch up the problems and move on. I really think we could get up to speed quickly.

Anyway, it was a fun night. It was great to see the dance floor full for a change. Wherever we wind up from here, this first night bodes well.

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