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New Strings And Ill Intent

I got in some new strings for my acoustic guitars this week. Windhaven was supposed to record this week, but it had to be put aside when a family member was in a terrible auto accident. Now that things are settling down a bit, I’m ready to re-string the guitars and get started recording at least the guitar tracks for Windhaven. We need to do something to keep the ball rolling so that Windhaven doesn’t lose too much momentum.

It’s also been laying heavy on my heart that I need to start working on the Crewe “soundtrack”, as well as maybe get something done for Catdaddy Pirates. But Windhaven is my absolute priority. It shows the most promise.

Right now I keep thinking about something Jimmy Buffett said in a show I watched tonight. He said that in the beginning everybody thought he was a control freak, but the reality of it was that he was the only one who really gave a damn. Holy crap, I can relate to that. I’ve always been the guy with the big ideas and over-reaching ambition. I’ve never found anyone of like-mind (except maybe Victoria), and I’ve always let my progress get stopped because I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go charging over the proverbial hill with me to make a frontal assault on the world.

I guess I just keep thinking that I’ve always let people stand in my way instead of just bulldozing right over them like I should’ve been doing. That has to change. I’m too old to fuck around now. Time’s a-wastin’. I know who I am as an artist and I know exactly what it is that I want to do. I need to stop letting other people drag me from the path. Simply put, where music is concerned, I need to adopt the attitude that if you’re not going to help me get to where I need to go, I’ll just have to get there without you. I’ll send a postcard.

The events this week, in which a family member came very close to death, have put a lot of things into¬†perspective¬†for me. Life is too short, and far too precious, to be wasted on doing anything other than what you were put here on Earth to accomplish. I know who I am. I now what I have to do. I know where my focus needs to be. As I’m fond of saying, this is not a request. This is non-negotiable. We each have to go our own way. I know where I’m headed and how to get there. Those who can help with that are welcomed to come with me. But I won’t be held back or distracted any longer. I won’t be wasting any more of my time tending to projects that will never bear any fruit.

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