Nice Evening

Had a nice evening. Victoria came over and hung out a bit, then we went over to Beth’s (where she’s staying). We all went out to eat (Ichabod’s Eatery in Shelby, if you must know). Afterwards we all sat out on the deck at Beth’s and talked. Well, it was mostly Victoria and Beth talking. Dunno why, but I was really tired and a little sleepy. So I was kinda quiet.
Before I left (I drove Victoria’s car back to Kings Mountain), Victoria and I kissed. I needed that. We’re in uncharted territory here. I didn’t know the protocol. You know. Do we jump in and start swimming? Do we take it slow? How much affection should we be showing at this stage?
I’m sure we’ll figure it out. I think mostly we’ve known each other for so long that we just don’t know quite how to proceed from here.

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