Various bits and pieces of novels I’ve worked on through the years.

Blood & Chartreuse (current project)

Visili Kruvoi is what some people would call a vampire, but he would never think of himself that way. In fact, he would take offense if you called him that. Living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and going by the Americanized version of his name, William Crewe, “Crewe” (as he is known among the locals) is nothing like you might expect. Crewe hates the word “vampire”, and would prefer the more technically correct “Upir”. Someone is targeting the Upir for elimination, and it forces Crewe into the forefront of a battle he never saw coming. Like it or not, sometimes you just have to get up and crack some heads.
Status: current project – writing | Read Now →

M.E. Caldwell

An unfinished novel that has attracted a handful of fans through the years. M.E. Caldwell, a young woman, awoke naked in the streets to find her village destroyed and everyone dead. Expecting to die, she was rescued by a man who taught her to fight and then tried to kill her because of who she was. A familiar symbol on the hilt of a sword compels her to begin a journey to discover who she really is and how her fate is so linked to that of her nation and people.
Status: begun – now on hiatus | Read Now →

3,000 Miles

Eight years on the road leaves pieces of your soul in every state. Not everyone is cut out for it. 3,000 Miles tells the story of a man who was ill-equipped for his life on the road, who committed suicide and left behind all of his worldly possessions to a hitch-hiker he barely knew… on one condition. His story must be read.
Status: begun – now on hiatus

The Assimilation Soundtrack

Someone has to fight for the people Claire Mulkieran calls “The First to Fall”. After decades of watching helplessly as she and people like her were pushed out of public discourse and relegated to the fringes of American society, Claire decided to fight back. She was unprepared for the maelstrom she unleashed.
Status: begun – now on hiatus


A lovely white girl living with a black family in the African country of Eritrea, Neima had no memory of her past and knew nothing about where she came  from. When her beloved step-mother died unexpectedly, and Neima found herself adrift in a world that hated her, she discovered her true nature – she was a living killing machine. Only through the ensuing deaths of tens of thousands of people at her hands would Neima begin to discover who, and what, she truly was.
Status: begun – now on hiatus

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