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Pet Pal Animal Shelter – No Thanks

We canceled our appointment to have Sabella spayed tomorrow. If you’ve heard either of us talk about Sabella at all, you’ll know that it would be safe to say that Sabella is rather obstinate. She’s not one to go quietly. We had concerns that because of this she would not only be overly stressed from the experience, but that she might be mistreated by people who got frustrated at her (because maybe they’d never had  to wrangle a Tasmanian Devil before). So Victoria called the clinic and asked if it would be possible for me to remain with Sabella until they had medicated her, using the logic that she would be calmer if I was there, and therefore easier to manage.
The girl Victoria talked to laughed and said that it would not be possible. So Victoria canceled the appointment.
Here’s the issue; Victoria didn’t cancel the appointment because I couldn’t stay with Sabella until she was medicated. It would have been fine for us if it was simply against regulations. We could understand something like that. So that wasn’t the issue at all. The appointment was canceled because the girl laughed at us. What does that attitude really say about the organization? More specifically, what does it imply about the kind of treatment that a handful like Sabella might receive there?
Okay, so maybe I’m being kind of harsh on these folks. We may have encountered some airhead who just started working there. But it caused enough of a concern that we canceled the appointment. We won’t lightly send in our dear Sabella amongst those who do not properly fear her. It’s for their own safety, you understand.

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