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Pink Floyd Night

Victoria and I had an accidental Pink Floyd night this evening. What started it was a VH1 documentary on the making of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon, which we decided to watch. After that, another documentary, The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story, came on, and we watched it, too. We followed that with a Pink Floyd DVD, Live at Pompeii. I’m not quite sure, but I think somewhere along the lines Victoria became a Pink Floyd fan. Hmmm. The possibilities …
I think it’s very cool that I could turn someone on to Pink Floyd at this late date. It’s not that Victoria had never heard Pink Floyd before. She’d just never had the opportunity to really sit down and listen to their music. I feel kinda validated that it clicked for her. It means that Pink Floyd really did have good music, and that it wasn’t just the drugs that made me think so.
Okay, I’m sort of making a joke. Popular perception seems to be that if you like Pink Floyd, you’re a pothead or something. The truth of the matter is that when I was a kid struggling with some issues pertaining to reality, perception and potential mental illness, I discovered Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I crawled into music to have something to distract myself, and The Wall is the album that really spoke to me at the time. I could probably credit The Wall with saving my sanity. And I could at least infer that it may have been one of the things that led me to have such a great love of music, which would late lead to me becoming a musician who wanted to give some of that back.
The Wall led me to discover Pink Floyd as artists and musicians. I’d heard their hits on the radio, of course. But after The Wall, I really crawled into Pink Floyd’s previous works. What I found was an astonishing width, breadth and depth of music that I’d never really thought about at my young age (I was 14 when The Wall came out). It’s a thrill to me to be able to share that with someone who really appreciates them like I do. Not just as a popular rock band, but as musicians with a lot of depth.
I’m going to enjoy listening to some of those old Pink Floyd albums with Victoria.

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