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New Podcast And iTunes

iTunes ScreenI’ve just created my first podcast, and have somehow managed to get it into the distribution chain at iTunes. This won’t impress everybody, but it impresses me. At the least it means that the series of acoustic based performances I’m planning will have an outlet beyond my web sites. I love the idea that people can finally subscribe to automatic updates of my music in the same way they they’ve been able to get RSS feeds of my writing for ages already. Not because I’m some arrogant snit who thinks the world is waiting for my new creations, but simply because I plan to record and release a series of acoustic based performances in the hopes of getting into some local clubs and making a little money. It certainly won’t hurt for those people at those clubs to be able to download performances of the songs they’ve just heard.

If you’re interested or just curious, you can find various links to my podcast below. I’ll also be getting the feed registered on the various podcasting web sites so more people can find out about them. In the meantime, I just thought I’d mention it. I’m excited about the possibilities. And it doesn’t entirely suck to see my podcast feed (and my image) in the iTunes store.


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