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I’m about to eat something and go do one more run-through with the songs I’ll be playing with the band today. Everyone seems to think that I should be nervous, but I guess I’m arrogant enough to believe that it’ll go well. The truth of it is, I learned pretty early in my life as a musician that no one gets shot if the band sucks. And unless I’ve been misinformed and the President will be sitting in on this session, it’s going to be a bunch of guys getting together mostly to see if they like jamming with each other. The worst that could happen would be that we decide not to proceed. Even then, I’ll have gotten to head out on a Sunday afternoon to make some music. There are worse things that can happen to you in life.
I haven’t gone after the songs like I should have. Between tinkering in my brother’s store and it being the week before Christmas, last week was just chaotic. Sure, I could have put in more time on the songs, but why break tradition? Since the very beginning I’ve learned the basic chord changes and faked the rest. It’s not a very professional way to approach things, I know, but it’s worked well for me. Besides, it adds a little spice to the mix.
I still need to string up my guitar. I dread that. I love my Strat, but changing strings on that bitch is an undertaking. That’s one thing I hate about tremelos (for you youngins, think “whammy bar”). Changing guitar strings is involved enough, so why not add about a dozen extra steps to the process? I suppose it only annoys me because I really don’t use my tremelo. So I’m going through the extra steps and don’t even get the benefit. I guess I could always buy a new locking nut (mine’s fugged) and get it back up to speed, but … that would take effort. It should be obvious by now that I’m allergic to effort.
I shouldn’t joke around like this. At some point the other guys might read this post and think “wow, what a loser”. My sense of humor sometimes takes some getting used to.
Well, the food’s gone. I’m going to head back to the lair to run through those songs. If anyone reads this, wish me luck, that I don’t embarrass myself. Or, more importantly, that I don’t embarrass everyone else.

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