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ProofI liked the way the creators of this movie got into the idea that genius and madness sometimes go hand in hand. It has always seemed like there’s a lot of truth to that. All of the really creative people I’ve ever known have been eccentric, at least, and many have brushed up against mental illness.
If I have any complaints about this movie, it’s that they didn’t focus enough on the mathematical proof that is supposed to be at the heart of the movie. I wouldn’t expect the director to try to put on a screen a dry disseratation about why this fictional theory is the idea that unites various schools of mathematics, but given that the proof is supposed to be so profound, one would expect a little more exposition as to why that was.
This is a minor complaint, though. I liked the movie, however it sounds. It just seemed like there were a few loose ends I would have liked to have seen tidied up before the end of the movie.
4 out of 5  stars

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