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Rainy Day, Dream Away

Sitting in the den listening to the rain, and watching the power flicker. Sabella is laying on the footstool, alternating between cleaning herself and staring at me. All the other critters have taken turns wandering through. With five cats and a dog here, it sometimes feels like watching the migrating herds on the Serengeti.
I’m taking a short break. I defied my headache and started working on So Long John. I rendered all of the guitar tracks because I was running four copies of the Amplitube 2 amp software. Rendering those tracks to audio free up the computer from that intensive processing (which made the computer very happy). I also nailed down some of the missing drum parts. I’m rather pleased with the way the song is shaping up. Right now I’m letting my room cool down. I would wind up in the hottest part of the house with a monster computer that runs hot all the time. I’m hoping I pulled off my last save. Otherwise I lost some of my work when the computer over-heated and locked up.
I’m looking forward to being done with this song. Mostly because I have a far more ambitious project waiting in the queue. More on that later.
I don’t know why I’m writing this. I guess when the computer is turned off I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I guess I should go back in there and re-boot the computer to find out if I lost anything. The rain is making me sleepy. If I don’t do something soon I’ll be fast asleep.
Sabella is sleepy, too. But she’s fascinated by the sound of my pencil moving across the paper. So every time I look up she’s watching me through sleepy, squinted eyes. That’s doing nothing to keep me awake, either. Although every time it thunders, Dali (a good-sized Australian shepherd) tries to get in my lap. So she seems determined that I’m not going to doze off.

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