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Random Thoughts on a Sunday

I’m taking a break from bashing my head against the Yahoo! store. I won’t bore you with details, but some things are not working right and I can’t grok it. Right now I’m logged into World of Warcraft, waiting for Victoria to wander through so that we can traffic some critters from the Horde side to the Alliance (a way we’ve found to make some in-game money). I’m eating some vegetarian spaghetti (yes, willingly), and I’m about to go take a shower. Victoria’s brothers are coming over tonight. It’s her brother Bruce’s birthday. So I’m looking forward to a pleasant evening with the family.
I just met her brother Gary and his wife, Debra, the other night. Cool people. It was great to sit there and see Victoria interacting with her brothers. I envy that. Having siblings. My half-siblings, Chip and Terry Childers, never pretended to be close, and my half-brother, Justin Lovelace, doesn’t have any interest in staying in touch. I’ve never met my older half-brother, Jay Lovelace. So it’s fun for me to watch Victoria talking with her brothers; there’s so much obvious love between them.
Well, I should run. I’ve goofed off here for too long already.

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