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Recording And A Random Card

I’m going to be recording guitar tracks for Windhaven today, and hope to record as many songs as I can before my hands give out. The candle is burning. Incense is filling the room. I have a glass of sangria and a heart full of good intent. I thought I would pull a random card from my Crow’s Magick deck to see what might show up. As always, it seems oddly prescient. I drew the 9 of Wands. According to a friend, “This card tells us to trust ourselves. We have everything we need. There is no necessity to analyse nor question. And absolutely no excuse to give in to doubt!” So… over, under or through. B’god!
I will not falter. I will not yield. And when they come to correct me for not being like them, I will rip the scales from their eyes so that they might see the wonders of the Universe. Someone must go out to the fringes to prove to the distrustful and unimaginative that it is possible to come back (hopefully bearing treasure).

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